Before applying the tiles, check that the support surface is level, consistent, dry and free from dust and grease. Use the appropriate epoxy for each type of product, taking into consideration the support surface, format and intended use. The joints between the tiles, play an important role, both technically and aesthetically. Proper substrate preparation and the right choice of adhesives and grouts for the specific project conditions are critical for achieving a long-lasting installation.


Tiles can be applied : walls, kitchen, bathroom, shower, swimming pools or facades. (these are only recommendations) We recommend to purchase a slightly larger number of tiles than needed to have backups if any of the tiles get damaged during installation. To avoid scratches or irreversible damage it is important to handle carefully.


For cleaning and maintenance we advise against the non-use of abrasive tools or cleaning products that can scratch or damage the surface of tiles. For everyday cleaning, simply use a pH-balanced natural cleaner diluted in warm water. To clean stubborn spots or grout joins use a stiff natural bristle brush. In cooking areas oil splatters should be cleaned as soon as possible as oil may darken some tiles.