Because our tile is hand-crafted, the time you take for prep and placement will greatly impact the finished result. We suggest meticulously planning your layout, pre-sorting the tiles by size and color variation, and strategically blending. And remember, zero tile installations look good before grouting! Grout is the glue that pulls the entire installation together — make sure you choose the right color.


Our tile shrinks about 8% during the production process. The

“about” means it is not an exact science and variation in size and length however slightly may occur.


Clay is an elastic material. If you force an elastic material into a mould it will attempt to regain its original shape as it moves through the production process. For this reason you can expect your tile to have what we deem to be an acceptable amount of lenghtwise bowing especially in our longer shapes. This can be compensated for with a wider grout line and thoughtful placement during installation.


Variation must be allowed for in all glazes due to the nature Barro’s hand glazing processes.


We recommend a minimum 0,3cm grout line for smaller sizes, 0,5cm for medium to large sizes. We offer a product that will resist trends, be loved, and function over a lifetime even passed onto the next generation. We take pride in the longevity of our pieces and design new colors and styles to complement existing collections, not replace them.