Our tiles are designed and handcrafted in Águeda, Portugal by craftsmen using a long lasting, natural material: clay. More precisely, recicled red clay. The tile arrived in Portugal in the year of 1498, we learned the method of manufacture and painting and the Portuguese tile became one of the strongest marks of expression of our culture.Combining craft and knowledge with contemporary designs based on geometric shapes, 3 dimensional illusions and a pale colour palette, Barro’s tiles are infused with humanity from the very begining till the end of the entire production, straight out one of our “oficinas”. Our tiles are meant to resist trends, be loved and function over a lifetime even passes onto another generation.

We take pride in the longevity of our pieces and design new colors and styles to complement existing collections not to replace them. Our process is infused with the collaboration of many people that got all together to help us create a product that would embody our inspirations and our desire to help build a more sustainable and slow-paced world.

Our tiles are meant to resist trends, be loved and function over a lifetime...


Our textured tiles shapes have a sculpted surface, clean lines and distinct modern-era feel, which creates a stunningly unique installation every time.

Offered in different glazes each tile begins with one of Barro’s clay bodies. Next a small team of craftsmen press hand-glaze finish and fire each tile to create a versatile, beautiful and durable product that reflects the care that went into its making. Barro tile as not a common tile, and we fully embrace and even celebrate the qualities that make it so unique. It’s handled, cared for and finished by real people, and we think that’s pretty cool. No two tiles are alike. Not surprisingly this individual character can make our tile a labor of love to install. However, trust us, the end in result is well worth the effort.